Episode #021 – Summer Camp’n Part 1: Journey to Camp BLART!

When Granny Dot wins summer camp coupons for everyone, Lolly and her pals find themselves embarking on separate summer adventures. Tune in to learn what happens when Lolly and her pals go “Summer Camp’n” in this multi-episode series!

THIS WEEK: Summer Camp’n Part 1: Journey to Camp BLART! With Gordon at the wheel, Lolly and her pals hit the road to begin their separate summer adventures.

Recording engineer – Paul Rudolph
Written by Jamie Donmoyer and Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

Ryan Dillon – Janet/Gordon
Darin De Paul – Mailman Joe
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph – Lolly/Granny Dot/pink monkeys

©2017 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

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