Episode #022 – Summer Camp’n Part 2: Welcome to Camp BLART

Lolly’s summer camp adventure continues with her first day of camp!  But as Lolly explains in her letter to Granny Dot, camp’s not as much fun as she hoped. Fortunately, she soon learns that there’s a rainbow popsicle at the end of every storm.

Recording engineer – Paul Rudolph
Written by Jamie Donmoyer and Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

Leslie Carrara-Rudolph – Lolly
Jamie Donmoyer – Nurse Numb
Darin De Paul – Mailman Joe
Aymee Garcia – Candy Fluff
Joe Hartman – Camp Counselor Carl
Emily Donmoyer- Kid at Camp

Extra special thanks to Jasmine Romero and her summer camp students at Statement Arts for singing the camp BLART song!  Please check them out online at StatementArts.org!

©2017 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

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