EPISODE #005 – Thanksgiving Corn of Plenty

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Lolly, Granny Dot, Gordon the Sasquatch, Janet the pug and all the pink monkeys enter a float in the Giblet Jamboree parade!  After an exciting day everyone comes back for a Thanksgiving celebration.  The Red Hot Lemonheads bring the music and everyone else brings the JOY!  Live show is performed in front of a live studio audience at Art House Astoria.
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Alan Muraoka –  Director/writer
Leslie Carrara – Rudolph-Lolly,Granny Dot, Gobble Gal/Writer
Ryan Dillon – Janet the Pug/Gordon the Sasquatch
DarinDePaul – Mailman Joe/writer
Laura Ware – Gobble Gal/Laughy Taffy Laura,shopper
Jane Burgess – comercial shopper
Art House astoria students in the commercial: Katelynn Kennedy, Luca Padovan, Valentina Padovan & Elizabeth Zotto
Story consultant – Jamie Donmoyer
Red Hot Lemonheads
Rob Cookman – Piano (co-musical directer),
Mark Zeigler – bass
Micah Burgess
Paul Rudolph – drums (musical directer/audio editor)

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