EPISODE #003 – If You’re Happy And You Know It, Hug Your Sasquatch!

Wake Up Your Weird! Follows Lolly, a 5 year old candy loving sock puppet who gets bullied out of a play-date. The audience joins Lolly on her journey as she deals with hurt feelings by weaving a magical tale about a girl and her brain named Doyle, a Fairy Godmother Lamb, a giant green lizard, and a flying grandma. Through art, music, puppets, and with the help of all the kids in the audience, Lolly learns the power of being herself and how to follow her heart.
Lolly teaches her Sasquatch Gordon a song and Granny Dot rewards them by baking them her famous meat cookies.

CLICK HERE to check out Lolly’s CD on iTunes!  CLICK HERE to check out Lolly’s live stage show called Wake Up Your Weird!
©2014 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

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