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EPISODE #009 – The Sweet Tooth Mystery – Lolly Lardpop Undercover Kindergartner.


Art by Jay Fosgitt

IMG_2140There’s a new girl at Greater Tots Elementary School and her name is Helen.  But Helen isn’t your typical kindergartner. Something is suspicious. Listen in as Lolly gathers candy clues and fuzzy facts to solve this outlandish noir-style mystery. Original music, comedy, and a big surprise ending.


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EPISODE #008 – A Love Song For Valentine’s Day

Lolly and Granny Dot visit the amazing Jazz pianist and composer Andy Howe to learn a song about love for Valentine’s Day .

This podcast features the songs:
“L-O-V-E” by Bert Kaempert and Milt Gabler
Published by Screen Gems-Emi music inc. and GEMA 

“Forgetting” by Steve Allen
Published by Universal-MCA Publisher OBO Universal-MCA Music Publisher., A

EPISODE 6 1/2 -Holiday Joy with Roscoe Orman

Enjoy the amazing voice of Roscoe Orman (Gordon from Sesame Street) as he shares with you his favorite holiday song “Keep Christmas with You”. Roscoe also leads everyone in “Santa Claus is coming to town”. And Leslie makes a rare appearance in the podcast and sings “Everyone is waiting for the Man with the Bag”

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EPISODE #006 – Jolly Lolly Holiday

Lolly gets a “RED” letter from Santa,saying she is on the naughty list!
Through the help of a miniature Yeti named Yippie, Mrs. Clause and some Reindeer, Lolly learns the true spirit of Christmas and how to go from being “Selfish to Elfish”
This holiday story includes a special gift at the end. Roscoe Orman (Gordon of Sesame Street) sings “Keep Christmas with You” and also leads everyone in “Santa Claus is coming to town”
IMG_0994.JPG IMG_0997.JPG

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EPISODE #005 – Thanksgiving Corn of Plenty

DSC03084 copy
Lolly, Granny Dot, Gordon the Sasquatch, Janet the pug and all the pink monkeys enter a float in the Giblet Jamboree parade!  After an exciting day everyone comes back for a Thanksgiving celebration.  The Red Hot Lemonheads bring the music and everyone else brings the JOY!  Live show is performed in front of a live studio audience at Art House Astoria.
IMG_0519 copy

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EPISODE #002 – Halloween Hoopla!


Lolly sets up her backyard for her very first radio show play date.  Everyone is invited to join in the fun including Mail man Joe, Madame Velveeta, and her Art House Astoria friends.  Gordon the Sasquatch, the pink monkeys along with Granny Dot and “The Red Hot Lemonheads” are all on board to celebrate Lolly’s Birthday.  Special guest Rob Rokicki. Lots of music and joy!

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