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Lolly’s Radio Play-date was recently featured on NPR’s Earbuds.  It was recommended by Rose Friedman, editor, NPR Arts, Books & Culture.  Check out what they had to say here:

“An adorable radio play for children…. In this episode, Lolly the sock puppet investigates a suspicious new classmate who seems to have singled out Lolly for mistreatment (witholding candy). Kids and grown-ups alike will be delighted.”


Leslie’s Adult Cabaret Returns to NYC January 28th & February 27th!

Attention, New Yorkers! Leslie’s adult cabaret What Just Happened? is returning to the Laurie Beechman Theatre on Sunday, January 28 and Tuesday, February 27!

If you haven’t seen it, you owe it to yourself to experience the music, stories and unexpected whimsy! If you have seen it… Why not see it again? Click here for tickets! But buy now — previous performances of What Just Happened? have sold out!

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The Night Before HallowScream! A Book for You

With Halloween just around the corner, Lolly and Leslie are proud to present The Night Before Hallowscream!a not-too-spooky book with pages you can read, color, and more! And it’s available in English OR Spanish! Here’s how to get it:

  1. Right-click here to download The Night Before Hallowscream! in English.  Or right-click here to download The Night Before Hallowscream! (Las Vísperas de Hallowscream!) in Spanish.
  2. Print the PDF file from you computer.
  3. Assemble the book by folding each page in half.  Use the page numbers at the bottom of each page to guide you along!
  4. Read, color, and enjoy the fun activities!

Lolly would love to see you have fun with the book.  You can take pictures of your colored pages and post them on Lolly’s Facebook page, or tweet @LollyLardpop!

Episode #024 – Summer Camp’n Part 4: Pug in Space!

Lolly gets a letter from Janet the Pug!  Janet’s space camp experience is out of this world — she’s boldly going where no pug has gone before!

Recording engineers – Paul Rudolph & Tom Spahn

Written by Jamie Donmoyer and Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

Leslie Carrara-Rudolph – Lolly/Granny Dot

Darin De Paul – Mailman Joe

Stephanie D’Abruzzo – Dr. Marsha A. Pollo

Ryan Dillon – Janet the Pug

Aymee Garcia – Candy Fluff

©2017 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

Episode #023 – Summer Camp’n Part 3: Potholder Paradise – A Letter From Granny Dot

Mail call!  Granny Dot pens the perfect letter about her positively peculiar participation in Potholder Camp.  Meanwhile, back at Camp BLART, a familiar campfire song is interrupted by a surprise visitor… and why are Lolly and Candy Fluff so itchy?  Tune in to WLLRPD as our Summer Camp’n series continues!

Recording engineer – Paul Rudolph
Written by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph and Jamie Donmoyer

Leslie Carrara-Rudolph – Lolly/Granny Dot/Mrs. Gilg
Darin De Paul – Mailman Joe
Aymee Garcia – Candy Fluff
Ryan Dillon – Gordon
Paul Rudolph – Additional Voices

©2017 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

Episode #022 – Summer Camp’n Part 2: Welcome to Camp BLART

Lolly’s summer camp adventure continues with her first day of camp!  But as Lolly explains in her letter to Granny Dot, camp’s not as much fun as she hoped. Fortunately, she soon learns that there’s a rainbow popsicle at the end of every storm.

Recording engineer – Paul Rudolph
Written by Jamie Donmoyer and Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

Leslie Carrara-Rudolph – Lolly
Jamie Donmoyer – Nurse Numb
Darin De Paul – Mailman Joe
Aymee Garcia – Candy Fluff
Joe Hartman – Camp Counselor Carl
Emily Donmoyer- Kid at Camp

Extra special thanks to Jasmine Romero and her summer camp students at Statement Arts for singing the camp BLART song!  Please check them out online at StatementArts.org!

©2017 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

Episode #021 – Summer Camp’n Part 1: Journey to Camp BLART!

When Granny Dot wins summer camp coupons for everyone, Lolly and her pals find themselves embarking on separate summer adventures. Tune in to learn what happens when Lolly and her pals go “Summer Camp’n” in this multi-episode series!

THIS WEEK: Summer Camp’n Part 1: Journey to Camp BLART! With Gordon at the wheel, Lolly and her pals hit the road to begin their separate summer adventures.

Recording engineer – Paul Rudolph
Written by Jamie Donmoyer and Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

Ryan Dillon – Janet/Gordon
Darin De Paul – Mailman Joe
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph – Lolly/Granny Dot/pink monkeys

©2017 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

Episode #020 – Walk the Loop with John Kennedy

Lolly talks to her long time Buddy Pal “Johnny K” about his new CD ‘Walk the Loop.” We find out the inspiration behind the music as well as hear a few excerpts of the joy filled songs. John Kennedy has been a professional puppeteer and master builder for 30 years. His credits include performing on Sesame Street,The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, and most recently he is featured on Julie’s Greenroom on Netflix.

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Episode #019 – “Merry Christmas Wishing Well”: Debbie Spinney’s Story

Original artwork by Caroll Spinney

In this segment of Granny Dot’s “I’m Not Old, I’m History,” Debbie Spinney (wife of Caroll Spinney: Sesame Street’s Big Bird/Oscar the Grouch) reveals the special relationship between her musician father and Big Bird. Featuring “Merry Christmas Wishing Well” composed by Gene Gilroy (Debbie’s father), arranged by Paul Rudolph, performed by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph and Paul Rudolph.


Episode #018 – Historical People Everywhere

Lolly shares her admiration for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s work and discovers that her Granny Dot lived through that powerful time. Granny Dot sings “I’m Not Old, I’m History” and encourages Lolly to talk to more senior citizens and hear their stories.
“I’m Not Old, I’m History” by Barrett Lindsay Steiner



Lolly wins the honor of being the Cookie Queen at the Twin Turtles Cavalcade of Cookies!”  Everyone is all a buzz when they learn that Mrs. Claus will be the special guest. Lolly has an unexpected challenge that helps her discover that friendship is sweeter than cookies.

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